Maintenance, spare parts and technical service for the recreational and vending sectors

Primary Products

Eurocoin stock, supply and support technical components from world-class global manufacturers. These include 3M touchscreens, JCM bill acceptors, TransAct printers, Kortek TFT displays and Motorola barcode scanners – all market leaders in their fields. Eurocoin offices across Europe offer technical components, service, spare parts and support all official warranties for our entire range of products.

3M Multi-Touch Technology

E-Service Spain is among the first to distribute the new industrial TFT size 32-inch with the most advanced 3M brand multi-touch technology.

The 32-inch panel has a capacitive touch screen that offers to software developers the opportunity to develop their games for up to ten simultaneous touches.

The panel features LED technology and has 16:9 format offers a viewing angle of 178 degrees, both horizontally and vertically.

Ticket Printers

Eurocoin is The Source for thermal printers used in the gaming and betting industry. With a decade of experience and tens of thousands of printers supplied annually, Eurocoin has the stock, the products and the experience.
E-service Components SL distributes Eurocoin products across Spain & Portugal, carrying stock, supporting warranty and providing assistance to manufacturers and operators.
The E-service repair centre in La Coruna will efficiently carry out repairs of printers, offer service exchange and sell new product. We offer:
• The New Eurocoin EP800 roll printer range
• The leading Future Logic Gen 2 TITO printer
• The Transact Epic 950 range
Contact us for more information, quotation, support & service.

TFT LCD Displays

E-Service Spain is one of the biggest suppliers of TFT LCD monitors mounted or not, with tactile sensors.

We import TFT monitors – LCD of high quality from our suppliers in Korea and other countries outside Europe. These products perfectly comply with technical requirements of our customers. In fact, our stock in Europe is important, allowing you to deliver a very competitive price and good quality product.

Coin & Banknote Counters

Eurocoin group distributes through E-Service Spain a range of coin and banknote counters.

The Eagle 1000 is a currency counter’s table, with 2 trays of classification of banknotes, very easy to use and the possibility of mixed banknotes.

The Mustang 450 is a storyteller of currencies which has independent tanks to classify the different denominations of currency. It is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses that require fast, safe and easy management of coins.

Paper Rolls & Tickets

The group offers through Eurocoin E-Service Spain the thermal paper tickets and high-quality and that they comply with the requirements for casino machines, lotteries and betting. The paper can be customized to the client’s taste.

Eurocoin group is one of the leading companies in Europe in the supply of tickets and rolls of thermal paper that is used in printers such as the Epic 430, Epic 880 and Epic 950 from TRANSACT Technologies, which are distributed by E-Service Spain.

Banknote Acceptors

Our banknote acceptors range offers the ideal solution whatever the application (industrial, game, recreation, kiosk or vending) choose in function of their requirements. Choose the search coil to reduce costs, provided that the ticket introduced safety is guaranteed.

If not the case, select a solution complete kit with wallet head more drawer and with latest version of anti-fraud software.

Do you need to return the change? No problem, choose the best solution in our range of Recycladores/dispensers of banknotes.

Barcode Readers


Eurocoin is a Motorola Official Distributor for its range of barcode readers, mini scanners and other scanning solutions. The work and collaboration of the two has entered Motorola barcode scanners in the production process of the majority of European manufacturers of the industry sector, such as kiosk, or the terms of lottery or gambling.

Motorola products are easy to set up and mount, and include an integrated audible tone. Our technical department can assist you in any type of integration that you require.





Plastic tokens: gambling operators and spare parts normally seek a token of low price that could be used in a great variety of applications. The extensive catalog of E-Service plastic tokens is ideal for promotions, control inputs, changing rooms, bars, amusement parks and many more applications. We have a wide variety of shapes and colors. Only 1,000 units for customizable tokens minimum order, 100 for designs in stock, low cost, fully customizable with your own design. Fast delivery, bright and varied colours as well as a wide range.

Metal tokens & acceptors S1: Tokens can be supplied with our standard designs, or customized with your corporate logo or any message. Our “Eagle Freedom” and “Gessele” designs are manufactured with an optimum level of security for operators of gaming machines. Sold in bags of 1,000 units.

Security Locks

We offer a complete catalog of high security locks with total reliability for vending, gaming, entertainment and casino sectors.

All our locks are available in different or equal keys coded customizable, giving maximum security based on risk. Medeco locks have their core interchangeable allowing quick changes of keys on the site by loss or theft for more information please contact our sales team.


SWAPPER PREMIUM: New SWAPPER products manufactured by Thomas, are perfect for use in all markets with automated processes of payments. The Premium SWAPPER is distinguished by speed and simplicity when it comes to payments, give or issue receipts or vouchers for any product or service. The SWAPPER Premium is high security and pay bills with the same technology of ATMs, reduced queues at the operations with customers, and provides security and tranquility to settlements, since the money is within one machine safe and connected to the network. We offer technical service in all Spain for the full range of equipment and solutions of the SWAPPER brand, manufactured by Thomas.

• Avoids having money cash in window or counter
• Post payment and receipts printed fast and effective
• It has all the usual functions of money exchange
• Can be operated with cards, banknotes, coins and tickets

CHANGE SWAPPER machines: Thomas has a history and unique tradition with more than 20,000 Exchange machines installed around the world. In Spain it launches SWAPPER models, with the latest technology.

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